A fall note from the pastor

As fall is now upon us, we continue on in our series, The Prayer of Agur! I’m looking forward to sharing this message about the importance of honesty and humility. Agur intentionally sought to live simply, to be unhindered in his relationship with God. What a powerful message and example to follow in our busy lives today! Life is busy – dealing with the Pandemic, cell phones, school, extracurricular activities…a clear vision  helps us to truly focus on Jesus.


I was blessed to most recently be a part of our Orangevale school 5 – 8th grade campout with my son along with several church family and friends. What a blessing to experience God in nature (and even revel in the rain). What a blessing to breathe in the fresh air and experience a sense of peace and focus on our creator. I can’t wait to learn together as we continue to seek a deeper relationship with Jesus. Hope to see you at church, live or online, you are treasured and welcomed.


Happy Fall, may God grant peace and serenity this season.


Pastor Jon