A note from the pastor.

OVSDA friends, I hope that you have been blessed these past few Sabbaths with our focus on The Prayer of Agur, knowing the importance of honest, humility and simplicity. This will not be the last time you hear about prayer and the desire to live simply! Join us as we take the next several weeks to talk on other attributes such as faith. Small things can make a big impact! As noted in the Gospel of Matthew, even if our faith in HIM is only a small speck, it will accomplish great things.

As we approach the holidays, you will soon start to hear of the many things happening on both our school and church campuses:  from school performances to craft fairs and church led nativities. Although I can’t wait to be a part, I’m also seeking to hear God’s voice in the midst all the activity. I invite you to pause to have quiet time with our Jesus and listen for HIS voice!