A story about grumbling.

Family and friends, join us this Sabbath as we continue our series on gratitude. What is gratitude? Last week, I asked if you have a short story or experience of gratitude to share.
This Sabbath, we celebrate Communion and turn our hearts toward Christ with great thankfulness. On November 13, we will continue our series on gratitude with a story on that gratitude killer — grumbling!
Consider a story that happened recently to my wife. Some of you may have heard this from the pulpit, but it’s worth sharing again.
She started out with an average few days on a recent work trip. The day of departure was laden with meetings that went in overtime along with long wait times for Ubers and airport security. When finally arriving just in time to the gate, she was directed to a shuttle en route to a smaller terminal. Finally, in line at the new gate, she was tired, hungry, hot, and ready to ‘grumble.’ Looking up, she saw an older man hobbling toward the line from afar. He was struggling to get there. As he got closer, he made eye contact and walked up directly to my wife. He looked at her and said, “I have been following you since before the shuttle; you dropped your watch in the other terminal. Here it is…” He turned around and slowly made his way to the shuttle and his flight in the other terminal. Tears came to my wife’s eyes, overcome with gratitude. She realized the power of grumbling.
Let’s practice gratitude. I look forward to seeing you this Sabbath and will watch for your stories of gratitude!