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Christ-Centered Community
We believe at Orangevale, you will find a place where You Can Belong. We would like to get to know you and to hear your story.
There are numerous stories in the Bible about God’s endless grace, love, forgiveness and justice. It is the story of manna from heaven. It is the story of a few loaves and fishes feeding 5,000. It is the story of the blind receiving sight. It is the story of the Bread of Life. These are the stories we teach, learn, proclaim and live at Orangevale Adventist Church.
When you begin to live God’s story, the world is different. When one opens to God’s presence and explore the gifts that God has given you, you realize who you are as one of God’s children. We encourage you to nurture those gifts, strengthen them, and then let them loose in the world for service to others.
Join others in celebrating our God of abundance and sharing the story. Come join us in worship as we thank and praise God for the blessings and gifts he has bestowed upon us. Come learn with us, no matter your age, for we all are on a journey of discovering and growing together. Come serve with us as we share a new story with each other and our hurting world.

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