Pastor’s note for November 19

Happy Sabbath, Orangevale.
We just finished up our second Baptismal Bible study for 5th-8th grade (due to a busy schedule it’s ended up being 9 boys).  We’ve had a great two sessions so far and we’ll be adding one for 5th-8th grade girls and hopefully one for all 4th graders interested after Thanksgiving break. I’m thankful for these students and their desire to follow Jesus day by day.
We continue reflecting on developing a heart filled with gratitude.  I came across an article by Bruce Feiler about gratitude.   You can find it in it’s entirety here:
In this piece he talks about his family’s tradition of going around the Thanksgiving Table and sharing one thing they are each grateful for.  I have a suspicion that a lot of our families already make this a practice, but if you don’t, why not consider starting this as a new tradition.
Just the process alone teaches us to: wait our turn, listen to others, and be creative (the easy responses are quickly used and the farther around the table you are from the start, the more creative you have to be.)
Tomorrow I will share how Paul models gratitude in the first letter to the Thessalonians.  I hope to see you then.
Pastor Jon