---Connect to God

 Prayer is the act of having a conversation with God, engaging with our creator on an intimate level. The Bible promises that when we engage in prayer, we will experience “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding (Philippians 4:7).”

Phil Chavez, April 25, 2021 - 10:46 am

Please pray GOD brings me (Phil Chavez) my soulmate now in JESUS Name. Been praying for this since my early mid 20's and now I'm 49 years old.

Anonymous, February 18, 2021 - 10:49 am

Would like to pray for a friend who is struggling with stress and juggling many activities at once. Prayer for peace and the hope they will shed some of the elements that do not align with God.

Joe Seibert, January 30, 2021 - 1:23 pm

Thanking a d praising God for Malaki's quick recovery from Covid. His mom and him are both doing well.

Raymond Fitzpatrick, January 19, 2021 - 10:18 am

Please pray for me that I can get a good paying job in Las Vegas. I’ve been struggling to find a job to pay my bills.

Rita Patino, January 18, 2021 - 11:11 am

Please pray for don Chairez he is fighting the Corona virus very critical

Joe Seibert, January 16, 2021 - 9:37 am

Praise to God for Denise Decants quick recovery from the Corona virus and prayers for her and her son Malaki who turned 3 today and tested positive for the virus yesterday

Anonymous, January 6, 2021 - 11:38 pm

Please pray for Denise Decant and her son Malaki.. she has the corona virus.

Anonymous, December 30, 2020 - 4:58 pm

Wishing the church family a wonderful New Year

Anonymous, December 25, 2020 - 11:57 am

Our prayer is that 2021 brings our campus new opportunities to share the Gospel of Christ. May we always remember how he strengthened us this past year in the midst of trouble.